A few months ago, I started eating Paleo-style, which, as I mentioned earlier, means a diet rich in meat, veggies, fruit, and “good fats” and without the dubious comfort of grains, sugars, and processed foods.

I know I literally published a post a few minutes ago about my exercise plan, which I am still following even though it’s way more difficult right now…but I went off the deep end several weeks ago, and am just now getting back on track.

It all started when I returned from a relaxing trip to Connecticut in mid-August for a benefit ice show. For the three weeks prior, I had been eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight. My weight loss (and inflammation reduction) was so effortless, on Friday I could wear pants that were too tight on Monday. Amazing.

However, real life caught up to me. When I returned, I had to deal with various home dramas. I’m not going to go into details, but it was a very trying time. I responded as I usually do–with a good old-fashioned food binge.

Cookies, candy, coffee…all my favorite foods somehow found themselves in my possession and in my stomach. Back to the puffiness, the inflammation, the lethargy. I was caught in that self-loathing cycle where I didn’t care about my health, I just wanted the damn cookie already–I was afraid of the consequences, torn between wanting someone to stop me from this behavior yet determined to have what I wanted anyway. Anyone who has had an addiction to anything, (shopping, caffeine, alcohol, etc) wil recognize these patterns. I do recognize that sugar is ADDICTIVE, especially to me.

Now I’ve stopped (again) and am determined to get healthy (again). I’m so disappointed in myself; I fully recognize that I set myself back a few paces. I was reluctant to share this on the blog, but since this is an accountability tool as well as (hopefully) and inspirational platform, I wanted to be totally honest about my struggles.

Here we go again. Back on the paleo wagon, hopefully for good.

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