Hello everyone, (or maybe “several people” is more appropriate, since I’m pretty sure only a few friends and my mom are reading this blog).
It’s been over a month since I last posted, and that’s not because I didn’t want to remark on my progress. In fact, I have been so busy the past few weeks that I’ve barely had time to sit down. In retrospect, that’s a good thing, since constant lounging is not exactly conducive to weight loss.
But I’m continuing with my paleo lifestyle well. After my documented slip up, my doctor issued me an ultimatum–either I shape up and DON’T eat the foods that affect me, or I just resign myself to a life of continued sloth, lethargy, and puffiness, (she didn’t really say that, but that’s what she meant). My doctor’s personality, is, in my opinion, the sum total of sunbeams and smiley faces, so this was her equivalent of a slap in the face. I agreed to not eat crappy food, take my supplements, drink foul smelling herbal tea to cleanse my liver, and exercise.
Naturally, it’s tough to exercise when keeping up with various other commitments–writing for local publications, working at the skate shop, and organizing various events. However, I did spend much of the fall (and even early winter) riding my bike around town to accomplish errands. If you live in a locale where you can ride a bike, I highly recommend it; it’s a great alternative to riding public transit, quicker than walking, and doesn’t cost as much.
In December, I was asked by my local skating club to perform in the annual Holiday Show. Naturally, I was nervous about that idea, considering I was still far from my ideal weight. I also wasn’t crazy about the idea of trying to stuff myself into a skimpy skating dress. But I did it anyway, wearing a black unitard and choosing “The Russian Dance” from “The Nutcracker” as my program. The music is very up-tempo but it’s only 1 minute and 9 seconds–probably the shortest show program I’ve ever performed. Which turned out to be a good thing, because dashing around the rink and trying to “hit” the various beats of the music was somewhat tiring.
I skated well, and realized how much I love performing again. No matter how out of shape I become, I still know that performing is my favorite part of life. That’s funny, considering I often act like a hermit, but it’s true. Getting back into shape will hopefully provide more opportunities for performance, and that’s helping to motivate me.
Also, I’ve started excerising more since the Olympic Oval opened. That means I have ready access to skating (mostly speed skating). So I have been speed skating and feel my form coming back. Of course, there are only 2 months of ice usually, so I have to take advantage of it while it’s here. Hopefully chasing faster skaters around the oval will  tone me up.
Now, for the Holidays, I’m not tempted to eat stuff I shouldn’t. This is mostly because I’m working, but also because my mom is preparing excellent food for me that is paleo friendly. Since we own a small business, there are very few “days off” so we cook here. And I’m not seeing family (they live in New Jersey and South Carolina) so I don’t have the added temptation of cakes, cookies, and pies that the holidays tend to produce. Not that I would eat them, because these supplements I’m currently taking are helping reduce cravings. And my doctor scared me pretty thoroughly last time.
So that’s what is going on–we are in our “season” at the skate shop, which means I have very little spare time to write on this blog. But I’m doing my best to update.

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