About a year ago, I was fortunate to become a Knix Wear Ambassador. Being a fashion maven as well as an athlete, internet connoisseur  and writer, I first found out about this brand on crowd funding and immediately contributed. So what is Knix Wear?

We want to change that. At Knix Wear, we’re making underwear that outperforms expectations: comfortable as can be, beautiful to behold, and technologically state-of-the-art.

Every pair of Knix Wear features our Fresh Fix Technology™. A thin yet super absorbent gusset, it wicks away moisture and naturally eliminates odor, keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day long – without the feeling that you’re wearing anything other than your most comfortable pair of undies.

So there you have it. For a year I’ve wanted to review Knix Wear, but I’ve been so busy with family concerns and other calamities that I haven’t had a chance until now.

What I like about Knix Wear is not only do they make great underwear, they are committed to changing the “body shaming culture” in marketing by starting their Knix Wear Real Women Knix campaign. The campaign features women in all shapes and sizes as honorary models on the Knix Wear Instagram and other social media.



As Ambassador, I was able to choose three pairs of Knix Wear to try. In the interest of science, I chose one of each style–Seamless, Lace, and Athletic.

All three pairs are quite comfortable. Obviously, the best pair to wear for activities is the athletic pair, which have better seaming to accommodate for extra movement. They do indeed have more stretch and recover their shape well after washing.

The seamless pair are best worn underneath tighter clothing, otherwise they do tend to ride up. But they are very thin and comfortable, the perfect pair of underwear for the summer.

The lace pair are the most snug, most likely because of the material.  However, they are also comfortable.

My biggest concern is with the gusset, which is a bit stiff and tends to flop. That can be distracting when you’re running or doing some other type of exercise. I’m sure they are still working on this, and Knixwear are still probably among the most comfortable underwear on the market. So I do highly recommend them! As with everything, make sure to check the sizing chart before ordering for the best fit.

Check out the Knixwear site, the Facebook page, their Twitter page and their Instagram page for more information! 🙂


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