I love fashion. As a child, I aspired to be a fashion designer, until I realized all the measuring and precision involved was too much for my “creative brain”. I love to look at and wear stylish clothes, but when I’m at home I often fall into a rut where I wear sweatpants most days and leggings other days (when I’m not wearing skating clothes).

But when I go away, I am reminded once again that there is more to life than Hanes Her Way sweatpants, and clothing can (and should) be both comfortable and stylish.

Here are some pieces I love; admittedly, most of them are “athleisure” pieces (you can read more about the athleisure trend here, although it’s nothing new to me, I’ve been dressing that way for years) but since I spend most of my time working out or preparing to work out, it seems the most appropriate way for me to dress.

I called the title “NJ edition” because I tend to do most of my shopping when I visit family in Northern NJ, so most of these items were purchased here (and all on sale, which is what usually motivates me)!

For pre/post workout wear: 

Nike Women’s Rally Loose Pants


I found these on sale at Lord and Taylor, and they are ridiculously comfortable. I love the “Just Do It” detail on the waistband but most of all love the fit and lining of the pants. My advice is to be careful when washing them, as they do have a tendency to pill if put in a load with too many other clothes; I use a pill remover to remove them.

Available at: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie III *Terry


Years ago I purchased a “1st or 2nd generation” Scuba Hoodie (grey sparkle pattern) and consider it one of the best-made garments I own. The fabric is so thick that when I washed it and hung it to dry, it would break a hanger. Now that’s good quality fabric! Thick sweatshirts like that are perfect for chilly Lake Placid spring and fall seasons (and sometimes, depending on the year, winter too).

Admittedly, the 3rd generation hoodies are not quite as thick, but they are still very substantial and a nice piece for pre or post workout. I’ve even worn mine skating a few times. What I love most is the hood, which fitting the name of the product, is much like an old fashioned scuba diver’s helmet that provides more coverage to help lock out cold breezes.

Yes, they are very expensive, but I purchased both my first and second hoodie on sale (otherwise I could not afford it)! I love Lululemon, but only shop there when I find something that I love and that fits on the sale rack. I still wear my first hoodie quite a bit and look forward to wearing my second hoodie (in a not-pictured pink circle pattern)!

Available at: Lululemon

Lululemon Studio Pant III


I have yet to get a pair of leggings from Lululemon (they are never on sale when I’m here) but I picked these up thinking they would be a great pair of pants for going to and from workouts.

They have a soft waistband and a bit of stretch to them that is helpful for people like me with “skater quads/glutes”. The ones I purchased are navy blue, and these pants are unique because they have draw strings in the hem of the pants legs that can make them shorter or longer.

Available at: Lululemon 

Workout shoes

Nike Free 5.0 TR Metallic Training Shoes 


I’ve had several pairs of Nike Frees, including a pair of customs, and I consider them the ideal cross training shoe. They are not the type of shoe for people who need a lot of support–they are designed to mimic the feel of bare feet, and the soles flex quite a bit–but for me, they are lightweight and comfortable enough to serve the purpose. These are my latest pair, and I’m looking forward to wearing them!

Available at: Finish Line (limited sizes), Sports Authority (limited sizes),  Amazon

Newton Women’s Distance Elite


I purchased these Newtons a few years ago (on sale of course) at the Newton tent during Ironman in Lake Placid. I really like the format of the sole which pushes my weight further forward when running (I tend to heel strike when I run, which makes running even more difficult on my knees). Although it’s still difficult for me to run, these shoes help.

Available at: Newton online

Do you have any favorite pre/post workout items or workout shoes? Mention them in the comments!



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