Hope everyone is having a good week so far. ūüôā

I’m still in New Jersey, since my departure was delayed for various reasons. So I have been passing the time doing yoga, working, writing on this blog, helping my grandmother, and trying to plan for the next few months now that I have some time to think. As always, I have lost a bit of weight from all the activity, which is always good. Since I “got serious” about three weeks ago about my lifestyle and diet, I have been feeling much better and thinking, as always, “why didn’t I do this earlier?”

Now that I’m writing regularly, I’m thinking about what information I¬†would want to share with readers (if there are any of you) ;). Everything I write about I consider valuable and interesting, but of course¬†I want to ensure readers feel the same way about the content.

Thinking about it, I realize that many people don’t make significant changes in their diet and lifestyle because they believe it would be too difficult or time-consuming. It is indeed ¬†more difficult and time-consuming to prepare good food and take care of yourself, but in my opinion it is worth it. We only have one body, so we need to take care of it to the best of our ability!

However, there are some “life hacks” that can improve your health without taking too much extra time or energy. These are all small changes that can help your health in the long run, and help you build up to bigger changes.


  1. Take a Vitamin D supplement

This is really important if you live somewhere where there isn’t a lot of sun, or during the winter months when it tends to be dark. In addition to other benefits,¬†Vitamin D¬†fortifies your immune system, so that’s another reason to make sure you take this¬†supplement during winter months when everyone’s getting sick.

I recommend¬†Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D, because they have no fillers. My doctor advised I take the 5,000 IU¬†even though it’s more than the usual amount to compensate for the lack of sun (I spend most of my time inside, and the¬†long winters make sun difficult to obtain).


2. Keep hydrated

Drinking enough water (high quality water) will help keep you healthy as well. ¬†I often thought I drank enough, until I realized that¬†my constant tea-drinking could be dehydrating. My doctor recommended that in between each cup of tea, I drink a glass of water. I’m still working on that, but it’s a good way to regulate your water drinking habits.


3. Use coconut oil (for multiple things)

Skin cream. Hair conditioner. Cooking oil. Lip salve. Teeth cleaner. ¬†There are many uses for coconut oil, so it’s a dynamic staple to have on hand. During the winter I slather coconut oil on my hands and lips, use it for “oil pulling“, and cook with it all year round.


4. Move

Everyone knows exercise keeps you healthy, but it’s the movements in between the exercising that can also be important. One hour of exercise is great, but if you spend the time in between sitting, it kind of defeats the purpose. I realize this is hard to do while at an office job, but taking small breaks during the day can help combat that sedentary necessity. Walking or biking to commute can help, or if you have to drive, parking further away from the door and taking the stairs will contribute to daily movement. Keep a movement journal for a week to see how much you actually do in between workouts. Every little bit helps.


5. Use anti-inflammatory spices like Turmeric & Ginger

I love ginger, don’t really love turmeric, but I know both are great spices that combat inflammation, and ginger is especially helpful for boosting your immune system. Turmeric is also a powerful anti-fungal and anti-viral, so it’s good to enjoy these spices every day to reap these benefits. I know some recommend you reap these benefits with supplements, but I prefer to use them in my cooking instead. We always cook with turmeric, and make “ginger tea” occasionally by boiling water and ginger slices together to make a powerful tonic. Or you can try this turmeric ginger drink!

Do you have any “life hacks” that help keep you healthy? Share them with me in the comments!

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