(Note on the title: yes, contrary to popular belief, “health food” does exist in NJ…you just have to know where to look!)

I’m still in NJ, (until tomorrow at least) and since I have been taking mini trips throughout the state, I realize that there are some wonderful health food stores. Sometimes it’s hard to find health food stores when you are traveling.

One guidebook I relied on was “Healthy Highways”, a comprehensive listing of all the health food stores and restaurants in America (at the time of publication).


Of course, if you are traveling in a more familiar place, you can find places yourself and remember them. I often use google maps when traveling to find health food stores, and sometimes I just stumble upon them!

NEWTON, NJ–This co op offers a surprisingly comprehensive selection–I especially like the fresh, local eggs by Wood Sorrel Acres!
PARAMUS, NJ–It’s chaotic and always busy (good luck finding a parking space) but this Whole Foods is the size of a supermarket and offers a great variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as packaged foods.
VERNON, NJ–We found this by accident when driving through Vernon NJ . They have a comprehensive selection including hard-to-find brands, and an amazing juice bar. There are also vegetarian offerings at the cafe (I didn’t have anything because it is mostly grain based meals) but I know for sure the juice is awesome.
AVON-BY-THE-SEA, NJ–Haven’t been here yet, but looks amazing! A paleo restaurant is even harder to find than vegetarian…next time I’m here, I want to try this place and will post a review.


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